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ProBio was developed by lifelong athletes, working alongside expert nutritionists. We exist to help athletes perform their best for as long as possible, so they can defy the impossible.

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Dr. Marc Bubbs
Director, Performance Nutrition

Dr. Marc Bubbs is the Performance Nutrition lead for Canadian Men's Olympic Basketball team and a consultant for a portfolio of professional and Olympic athletes. Marc is the author of the highly-acclaimed, best-selling book “PEAK: The New Science of Athletic Performance that is Revolutionizing Sports," which highlights the tactics and strategies of elite athletes and performance staff in pro sport for achieving world-class success.

Paul Winsper
Founder and CEO

Paul has operated at the highest level of professional sport, working with athletes from the biggest leagues in the world. During this time he pioneered a new approach to optimizing athletic performance by focusing on athlete health and wellness as the foundational building blocks of ultimate athleticism.

Performance nutrition systems used by your favorite teams and fiercest competitors
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ProBio makes a team’s holistic health simple to manage. We are trusted by a range of professional and collegiate-level athletic programs. Inspired by athletes’ routines, our offerings make adherence simple, with results to back it up.

Holistic Athlete Health.
Performance. Longevity.

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ProBio is formulated for the unique biological and performance needs of the elite athletes. All-natural and science-backed. Trusted by your favorite teams. What other questions can we answer?

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Is it safe for athletes?

ProBio products are made with premium, all-natural ingredients that are Informed Sport® Certified, and soon to be NSF Sports Certified. In addition, we only work with high quality GMP certified, FDA registered manufacturers in the USA  so you can trust that what you put in your body is safe.

How does it compare to other products?

The biggest difference is that ProBio is specifically tailored for athlete health. Not only is the form factor tailored to make it easy for busy athletes to adhere to the ProBio regimen, but it also supports 7 physical and mental pillars that can affect an athlete’s game. That level of holistic health is not something you get with other products on the market.

How many ingredients are there?

ProBio’s ProBlend contains 33 active ingredients, in addition to a phytonutrient complex called Spectra®, which is a blend of another 29 fruits, veggies, and botanical extracts.

What does it taste like?

Taste is really important for adherence to any nutritional supplement program. If you don’t like the taste, you won’t use the product (and there are a lot of horrible tasting supplement products out there). So we made it our mission to iterate on the ProBio formula until we made something we would enjoy taking every day.

The Tangy Orange flavor is sweet and citrusy, and easy to just mix with water. The Original smoothie booster product has a subtle vanilla flavor and is best blended with a smoothie or flavored beverage of your choice—you won’t even taste it once it’s blended in.

When is the best time to take the product?

Anytime of the day. ProBio does not contain stimulants and can be taken all the way up until bedtime.

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We value real athletes, real science and real results

  • 01 — Athlete-Inspired

    Athletes are our reason for being and the inspiration behind our innovative delivery systems, which are designed to make compliance with their ProBio regimen as simple as possible.

  • 02 — Evidence Backed

    Everything we offer is based on proven science, ensuring athletes get the effective results they want, without ingredients they don’t need. We care about athletes’ ability to compete at the highest level, which is also why we are proud to be Informed Sport® Certified.

  • 03 — Simple & Transparent

    With all the pseudoscience out there, athletes need expertise they can trust. We keep things simple, and explain our ingredients and benefits clearly, so nothing gets in the way of what we set out to do, and what our athletes set out to achieve.

  • 04 — Holistic & Integrated

    Elite athletic performance demands more of the human body —more biological systems working together to keep athletes ready to compete. Our goal is to make holistic health easy to achieve so athletes can focus on what they love most.

  • 05 — Only The Best For The Best

    Simply put, the best goes in to get the best out. Meaning we source only premium, natural, whole-food derived ingredients—free of artificial flavors, sweeteners and dyes. Our commitment to transparency also means we work with only best-in-class suppliers so you can feel confidence about what’s in every scoop.

Tangy Orange and Unflavored ProBio ProBlend packages

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